Gammy's Ganja Goodies | Dispensaries in Tulsa

2/14/2020 12:09:18 PM

Green Country Bud is a dispensary in Tulsa that offers a wide variety of products for all your medical needs. As both patients and providers, we understand the importance of quality. With CBD products like energy drinks, oral and topical ointments, as well as THC products like pre-rolls, concentrates, flower and more, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. Now, we are proud to provide the best edibles in town to our patients! Learn more about Gammy’s Ganja Goodies below and pick them up at Green Country Bud today!

We saw a problem in the market, and Gammy did too. We believe in the medical properties of cannabis, but we know that not everyone likes the idea of smoking it. Gammy and her friends sure didn’t, but most edibles on the market are typically low-quality and high-priced, which is a waste of money for everyone. That’s why we started working with Gammy for a better option. We made edibles from scratch with her, and as someone’s mother, she can bake her socks off. That’s where the philosophy for Gammy’s Ganja Goodies starts and why they are the best edibles in town!

Now we have a pastry chef who leads the kitchen. Unlike the current edibles being sold, ours are never from a box mix or a pre-packaged base and contain only the highest quality ingredients. The bud we use in the goodies is always tested for potency, mold, mildew, etc. There are no preservatives and they won’t be on our shelves for weeks on end. We even offer custom-made edibles for special occasions like birthdays and weddings! 

Gammy’s is committed to a pure product that is effective, properly dosed, and tastes fantastic. Try the best treats in town at Green Country Bud or another dispensary in Tulsa today! Contact us for more information about Gammy’s Ganja Goodies.