Lettuce Head Labs | High Quality Concentrates

2/14/2020 12:00:48 PM

At Green Country Bud, we proudly provide our patients with the best medical grade cannabis in the state. Lettuce Head Labs is a locally owned and locally grown medical marijuana processor that provides patients of our Tulsa medical dispensary with carefully curated strains that will relieve a variety of pains or ailments.

Lettuce Head Labs, as a locally owned processor, has our patient’s needs in mind when creating their products. Quality products and transparency are at the heart of the company, ensuring that each patient has access to the best strains and can rest assured that their needs are being met. The products are cultivated using only natural methods and they carefully process each plant for maxium terpene preservation.

The plants are grown with the rich Oklahoma soil and harvested at peak time. Only providing our Tulsa medical dispensary with the best flower available, Lettuce Head Labs is one of the top processors at Green Country Bud. The high-quality products keep patients coming back for more. Diamonds, crumble & budder- OH MY!

With the help of Green Country Bud and Lettuce Head Labs, you will be on your way to a pain-free lifestyle. Contact our Tulsa medical dispensary today for more information!