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How to Choose a Strain at Our Tulsa Weed Dispensary

Medical marijuana can be incredibly beneficial for patients, but the confusion about what strain to try will keep many people away from dispensaries. However, a huge benefit to the medical legalization of cannabis in Oklahoma is that our budtenders can help to answer any of your questions! When you shop at our Tulsa weed dispensary, you will get world-class customer service and assistance finding exactly what you need for any medical condition ranging from anxiety to chronic pain and more. Keep reading to learn more about the different cannabis strains we offer at Green Country Bud and contact our team today with any questions!

Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica?


Sativa is known to enhance energy levels and be great for daytime use. Whether you need pain relief during the day while still staying focused or a little extra boost of concentration, a sativa-dominant strain may be right for you. This is even an ideal strain for those who like to be active while medicating and might give you the energy boost you need to go on your afternoon hike, walk, run, or bike ride. These effects are known as a mind/head high, and they are ideal for reducing anxiety while still feeling energized. They are also known to improve creativity, so you are sure to get an array of benefits when you choose one of our sativa strains.


Indica is on the other end of the spectrum and will provide more of a body high for patients. These strains will be ideal for nighttime users, as they will provide ample relaxation and the perfect dose to help you fall asleep. Indica is well known to reduce pain, increase appetite, and manage nausea. If you are affected by any of these symptoms, you may want to ask your budtender for an indica strain to assist with managing them.


Hybrid strains will provide you with a well-balanced high and are a mix of indica and sativa strains. Hybrids can treat a wide variety of ailments, whether that be anxiety, symptoms from chemo treatments, or other pain management. Recommended usage will differ from strain to strain, as some hybrids are sativa dominant, and some are indica dominant. There are many hybrid strains to choose from, so you will most likely find something you like in this category. However, there is much more to think about when choosing a strain.

What Cannabinoids and Terpenes Should You Look For?

Another aspect to look at when choosing a strain is the cannabinoids in the product. THC is what most people look for, and although it’s incredibly important, it can be more beneficial to medical patients when combined with these other cannabinoids. CBD is very common as well, and when used without THC, it can provide pain and nausea reduction, prevent seizures, and more. When used with THC, you can enjoy the benefits of both. You can also look for strains that include CBN, which eases side effects of epilepsy, muscle stiffness, and more. Other cannabinoids include THCA and CBG, but these may be less common.

Terpenes are also an important aspect of which strain you choose, and they will influence the strain’s effects on patients. There are a wide variety of terpenes and learning them all can feel overwhelming. Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes, and it will help with anxiety, depression, stress, and more. Others assist with similar symptoms, like Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, and more, but they will all have their own, unique benefits as well. Make sure to ask your budtender at our dispensary in Tulsa if you’re looking for a strain with specific terpenes in it!

Find the Best Tulsa Dispensary Today!

With this knowledge, you will know the basics during your visit to our Tulsa weed dispensary! Visit us at Green Country Bud today, where we are conveniently located and stocked with products ranging from pre rolls and bud to edibles and more.

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